Set up your SMS Gateway either by taking a subscription from various outgoing sms gateway service providers or set up your own by using any of the standard SMS Modems available in the market. You can contact us to provide additional SMS Gateway software in case you are going for the latter option. In SMS Gateway, the outgoing sms’es are to be routed to the respective provider webservice. They would provide the documentation.

Example: EcoPay SMS Service API states that sms sending request should look like this:-

To implement this sms provider, Steps to follow to configure:-
1. Logon to your moGile Instance http://your_moGile_URL as admin
2. Go to http://your_moGile_URL/DesktopModules/Admin/smsProvider.aspx
3. Click button Add SMSProvider:
Enter following details:-
SMS Provider Name: SMS.EcoPay
Sms Provider Desc: SMS EcoPay Provider
Support Contact Info: Mr. Naresh
Sms Url:$user&passwd=$password&mobilenumber=$to&message=$message&sid=$from&mtype=$msg_type
Allowed list of tokens:

  • $user – SMS Provider would provide you the username
    $password- SMS Provider would provide you the password
    $msg_type – Refer SMS Provider API documentation for this, this usually specifies the type of SMS, For Ozeki, for e.g.: “SMS:TEXT” refers to Text type message.
    $message – Message text
    $to – recipient
    $from – From
  • Wap Url: Same as above
    HTTPMethod: GET
    Account: SMS Provider Username
    Pwd: SMS Provider Password
    Default From: Your 8 character brand abbreviation
    Default Msg Type: N (Refer SMS Provider API)
    Default DCS: NULL
    Default Del Ack : NULL
    Default Billed: NULL
    Default Operator: NULL
    Code Msg Type Text: N (Refer SMS Provider API)
    Code Msg Type Bin: B (Refer SMS Provider API)
    Success Token: Successfully (Refer SMS Provider API)
    Failure Token: NULL

    4. Configure Mobile Series for which this provider would be used. Change the PrefSMSGateway for the respective mobile series to this new created gateway by clicking edit against the mobileseries on the same page below.

    You can contact our support for more information, if you find difficulty configuring this.

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